Pump Skid


Beverage producers such as breweries are dependent on a reliable supply of process water. It is important that the required and fluctuating water demand is available at constant pressure at any point in the plant. In addition, a hygienic design is necessary to meet the microbiological requirements.

Ranges: e.g. 0-50/100/200 m³/h @ 5 bar

  • Frame-mounted, fully automatic skid
  • Speed control by means of frequency converter
  • Stainless steel centrifugal pumps
  • Hygienic fittings (disc valves and backflow preventers)
  • TriClamp pressure transmitter
  • Hygienic sample valve
  • Control cabinet mounted on frame (optional)
  • Magn. inductive flow measurement (optional)


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Pump Skid - Datasheet / Datenblatt
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