FILTEC M are pressurized filters with the ideal filter material for the specific application. Typical fields of application are:

  • Reduction of iron and manganese
  • Removal of heavy metals (e. g. nickel, lead and aluminum)
  • Filtration of suspended solids, organic material and turbidity
  • Removal of ammonia and nitrate
  • Reduction of fluoride, radioactivity, etc.
  • Mineralization, deacidification and pH value correction

FILTEC M are available as mono or multi-media filters, with internal or external backwash and for manual or automatic operation. The standard version includes:

  • Hygienic design (stainless steel 304L/316L)
  • High quality fittings and instrumentation
  • Min. 60 nozzles/sqm
  • Bed expansion during backwash min. 25 %
  • Reliable cleanability (CIP/SIP if applicable)
  • Minimum losses during backwash
  • Hygienic execution as standard
  • Customized design; different automation levels
  • According to international standards for beverage water production

Typical Technical Data

DataFlow Rate: 4 - 90 m³/h; Filter Diameter: 800 - 2.800 mm
MaterialFilter & Front Piping: 1.4301/AISI 304; 1.4404/AISI 316L
AccessoriesElectromagnetic flow meters for flow control during operation and backwash; PP filter nozzles; Special high quality filter media; Hygienic instrumentation/fittings; Flow control valves
OptionsVortex air/CO2 Injection; Turbidity meter or other analytical instruments (pH, redox, conductivity); Differential pressure measurement; Air blower unit; Backwash pump; Safety valve against over pressure; Stainless steel filter nozzles


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FILTEC M - Datasheet / Datenblatt
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