RHOTEC L is a highly precise density sensor for determination of densities and concentrations in the laboratory (e. g. of acids, caustics, emulsions or solvents). The concentration measurement is often done for quality control.


The density sensor RHOTEC L measures the density of small liquid samples. They are manually injected into the sensor. The instrument is designed for laboratory applications requiring maximum sensitivity and highest accuracy. It is easy to operate and maintenance-free. For density measurement the liquid flows through a thin U-shaped tube inside the sensor. Using electromagnets, the tube is excited to oscillate at the resonant frequency. At the same time, an integrated reference oscillator measures the oscillation characteristics. Even the smallest changes in fluid density have an impact on the detected signal and are identified with highest precision. As a specific property of each liquid, the correlation between concentration and density can be described by a mathematical polynomial. With decades of experience and our own laboratory facilities, Centec know the polynomials for a large number of products. Any temperature drifts of the measured signal are automatically compensated for by an internal Pt1000 sensor. RHOTEC L can display liquid density and solution concentration in various units.

European patent application: 1 439 438 B1

  • Most accurate technology to determine density and concentration
  • Software compatible with MS Windows® and MS Office®
  • Various interfaces (USB, WLAN, Ethernet)
  • User-friendly 10” touchscreen available
  • Excellent price-performance-ratio

Technical Data

Measuring Range 0 - 3 g/cm3
Accuracy ± 0,0001 g/cm3 (higher on request)
Repeatability ± 0,00005 g/cm3 (higher on request)
Repeatability Temperature ± 0,02 °C
Sample Volume approx. 2 ml
Measurement Time 30 - 60 s
Temperature of Operation +5 - + 85 °C
Temperature of Environment +10 - + 40 °C
Temperature Sensor Pt1000
Material glass, PTFE
Connections nozzles, PTFE
Display 10“ touchscreen
Interface USB; WLAN; Ethernet
Housing aluminum, powder coated
Weight 22 kg
Power Supply 230 VAC


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RHOTEC L - Datasheet / Datenblatt
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