Steam Boiler Water Degassing with OXYTRANS TR

To generate steam, water is heated in a steam boiler. Oxygen contained in the water can lead to dangerous corrosion. The water must therefore be thermally degassed. The oxygen dissolves in the steam vapours and is blown off via a valve as so-called "Fegedampf" into the free environment. Consequently, there is a loss of steam of 0.2 to 0.5 % of the boiler steam output. With OXYTRANS TR, the degassed O2 content in the vapour phase can be measured in the dome head space of the steam boiler and the valve for venting the vapour flow can be precisely controlled. The remaining opening time of the valve is a measure of the steam savings. Steam losses can be reduced by up to 95 %. A boiler with a capacity of 10 t/h and an assumed steam loss of 0.3 % results in a steam loss of 263 t per year (365 days x 24 h = 8,760 h). Of this, 250 t can be saved. If the tonne of steam is set at 40 EUR, the saving amounts to 10.000 EUR with a sustainable "return of investment" of less than 6 months.


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