The DeCarbonator is designed for continuous adjustment and especially reduction of the CO2 content of liquid food and dairy products. A precisely defined and constant CO2 content is an essential quality feature for carbonated beverages.


The system is designed to continuously adjust the CO2 content in a product to the required level. Highly efficient membrane modules allow the CO2 concentration to be increased and decreased with extraordinary accuracy. At the same time the oxygen content is reduced. Each module contains thousands of hydrophobic, gas permeable hollow fibre membranes resulting in a large surface. This large surface maximizes the transfer area and the contact time between product and gas. While CO2 is applied on the inside of the hollow fibres, the product flows in counter current between them on the outside. Depending on the CO2 partial pressure difference between the product and the gas, the CO2 permeates through the membranes either out of the membranes into the product or out of the product into the membranes. This fundamental scientific principle is described by “Henry’s Law”. The CO2 content of the carbonated product is permanently monitored. Therefore, the system is equipped with a high precision CARBOTEC sensor made by Centec. Centec have decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of own precision instruments for CO2 control. Based on this accurate in-line measurement, the carbon dioxide flow is instantly and fully automatically adjusted. The O2 content is measured with proven Centec optical OXYTRANS sensor technology.

  • High precision CARBOTEC sensor for process control
  • Membrane modules for adjustment and reduction of carbon dioxide content
  • Customized modular design with a standard PLC
  • Skid mounted for easy installation and start-up
  • Hygienic execution and full CIP capability

Typical Technical Data

Capacity 2 - 2.000 hl/h
Dosing Range CO2 0,5 - 10 g/l
Dosing Accuracy CO2 ± 0,1 g/l (on request 0,05 g/l)
Material according to requirements (1.4301/AISI 304, 1.4404/AISI 316L, …)
Options different automation levels; remote maintenance access; in-line N2 measurement; carbonation; buffer tank; cooling


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DeCarbonator - Datasheet / Datenblatt
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