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Meet us at the following exhibitions and events:

Brewers Forum, Prague, Czech Republic, 21.-23.05.2023

4th Africa Brewing Conference, Douala, Cameroon, 13.-14.06.2023

ProPak Asia, Bangkok, Thailand, 14.-17.06.2023

WineEng, Nuriootpa, Australia, 26.-27. 07.2023

13th Ibero-American VLB Symposium, Bogota, Colombia, 04.-06.09.2023

Gulfood Manufacturing, Dubai, UAE, 07.-09.11.2023

BrauBeviale, Nuremberg, Germany, 28.-30.11.2023

April 2023

Girls'Day & Boys'Day.

On April 27, 2023, the nationwide action day for career guidance for boys and girls, Centec offered five young people the opportunity to gain an insight into the processes of our company and get an impression of technical professions. The young people were particularly interested in our in-house sensor production, where we always employ trainees in the fields of mechatronics and electronics. We wish our young visitors a lot of fun and success in their education and a good start to their future careers.

January 2023

Sustainability. Innovation. Excellence.

Three core values that shaped the growth of Rim Water since its foundation. In the future, Rim Water – a part of the BEV Holding group of companies – wants to expand its already very extensive product range with new beverages. Merched Sami Baaklini, grandson of the company founder and Deputy Managing Director, is in charge of this investment project at Rim Water.

The contact between Rim Water and Centec goes back to a recommendation by Nayef Kassatly of Kassatly Chtaura – brand owner of "Freeze" – with whom Centec has had a close business relationship for many years. Extensive consultations between the Rim Water team and our process specialists were followed by a meeting at Drinktec in Munich, where we exhibited a 70 m3/h reverse osmosis system. A few weeks after the trade show, the Rim water team supported by Dubai-based consultancy firm TFS, represented by Maroun Tannoury, again traveled to Germany. With the joint visit of a reference customer in the nearby Spessart region, we were able to gain the final trust of the customer.

On November 21, 2022, the contract was awarded at our company headquarters in Maintal: Centec will supply a complete turnkey processing room for the production of a wide variety of beverages.

From left to right: Bernd Hackmann (Head of Water Technology), Manfred Feistel (Technical Director), Dr. Robert Koukol (Managing Director), Merched Sami Baaklini (Deputy Managing Director RIM Water), Bernhard Brauner (Sales Director), Maroun Tannoury (Consultant TFS), Joachim Felber (Senior Specialist of Technology)


Rim Water begins its journey from 2.628 m altitude, as virgin snow covering the eastern side of Mount Sannine, Lebanon. As warmer weathers unfold, the snow melts and penetrates the layers of the mountains, collecting natural minerals in capacities only unique to this particular geological area. This one-year journey leads every droplet of Rim Water to the heart of the mountain: The Ain el Saifieh spring. With a natural constant temperature range between 7 and 9 degrees Celsius throughout the year, and a considerable depth into the mountain, Ain el Saifieh houses and protects Rim Water until it flows by gravity to the bottling facility, where Rim Water is bottled, untouched and never artificially stored. Rim Water's founder, Mr. Merched Gerges Baaklini, a true visionary of sustainability, innovation and excellence, made it his mission to protect the land surrounding the Ain el Saifieh spring in order to sustain the natural integrity of Rim Water.

For us it was a special honor to welcome our new customer from Lebanon in Munich and Maintal. We are looking forward to further cooperation on this strategically important project.

December 2022

Centec wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Instead of Christmas presents for our valued customers, this year Centec is donating to two charitable organizations, the German Children's Hospice Association in Hanau AKHD and Mundo de Niños - an initiative for street children in Peru.

The AKHD accompanies children, adolescents and young adults with a life-shortening or life-threatening illness. Qualified volunteers support and relieve the entire family in the home environment.

The goal is to improve the quality of life of the affected children of their families. The volunteers accompany the entire family from the time of diagnosis, during dying and beyond death. They focus on the needs of the families, for whom the offer is free of charge.

Mundo de Niños is a home project founded in 2001 in Trujillo on the north coast of Peru by Andreas Clamer and inspired by the experience of Blanca Ganoza, the director of the home.

Mundo de Niños dedicates its actions and efforts to rescue vulnerable children and adolescents in a state of economic poverty, who suffer violence and abuse in their families and on the streets.

For this voluntary commitment we would like to express our highest appreciation.

September 2022

A real "eye-catcher" at drinktec 2022:

From 12 to 16.09. Centec participated at the drinktec in Munich. Special attention was attracted by a 70 m3/h reverse osmosis skid at our booth, which we have manufactured for a well-known producer of soft drinks. Centecs' water treatment division includes ion exchangers as well as a wide range of filtration technologies and has played a significant role in the further expansion of our worldwide business activities in recent years.

In the field of measurement technology, we exhibited a new generation of process transmitters for determining the concentration of measured variables such as %extract, %alcohol, Original Gravity/°Plato, °Brix, CO2 and O2. All instruments feature a color 4.5" touch display and innovative menu navigation with advanced functions that further simplify handling in the process. The proven optical O2 sensor Oxytrans TR has been extended by a new version for trace gas analysis in the gas phase and can measure O2 in CO2 gas to +/-2 ppm accuracy. The previously available transmitter interfaces 4-20 mA and Profibus DP have been expanded to include Profinet/Ethernet and Modbus.

August 2022

An almost unique product range at ACHEMA:

ACHEMA took place in Frankfurt from August 22 to 26. Manufacturers and service providers from over 50 countries presented products for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Centec exhibited its comprehensive range of measuring instruments for process and laboratory applications. Another focus of our presence at the fair was water treatment equipment for pharmaceutical companies. In this field, Centec have many years of in-depth experience and references with world class manufacturers.

January 2022

It started with a dream to make a living out of beer:

In 1777 Charles Hall, an entrepreneurial gentleman farmer, built his Brewery in Dorset. Fortunately for him, Dorset farmers are hard-working - and thirsty - and business was good. By 1793, the Napoleonic wars had begun and the British government gave their troops a daily allowance of five pints of beer. Charles saw an opportunity and won the license to supply Wellington’s troops quartered in Weymouth. 60 years later, his son Robert (who inherited the brewery) brought Edward Woodhouse into the business as his commercial partner, a move he knew would propel the business forward. What he did not foresee was Edward falling in love with Charles Hall’s grand-daughter, Hannah Dodge. Thus, when Edward and Hannah married Hall & Woodhouse was born. Over time, Robert and Edward drove the family business forward. They were investing the majority of profits back into the company and bought pubs in which to sell their ‘Badger beers’. Today, this family of pubs is one of the finest in the country, with over 180 iconic public houses and inns at the heart of communities across the South of England.

As part of a project with Lambrechts, a Belgian supplier of complete KEG washing and filling plants, Centec recently delivered and commissioned a 40 hl/h flash pasteurizer to Dorset. According to the brewery, the installation and commissioning went very well. The operators were enthusiastic. They quickly learnt how to operate the Centec and Lambrechts systems. Andy Wing, Packaging Manager of Hall & Woodhouse, commented on the high quality of the Centec equipment and good work by our commissioning team.

Our thanks for this successful project go to our customer Lambrechts, our mutual end customer Hall & Woodhouse as well as to our dedicated sales partner in the UK, Mr. Jeremy Strickland.

November 2021

Centec receive company certification according to §6 paragraph 1 of ChemKlimaschutzV:

With the certification, we have successfully demonstrated that we have employees with category I expert certification (§5 of ChemKlimaschutzV) in conjunction with article 4 of EU regulation no. 2067/2015.

This means that Centec is now allowed to carry out the following activities requiring certification:

Leakage control
Repair, maintenance or servicing

on stationary refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems and heat pumps, including their circuits.

Centec personnel are qualified to fully cover all activities requiring certification. In addition, our personnel have access to all the tools and procedures required for this purpose. The validity of the company certification is given for the whole EU.

October 2021

Centec supply water treatment for new Kassatly plant:

Kassatly Chtaura was established in 1974 by President and CEO Akram Kassatly. Mr. Kassatly had the idea of creating the first bottled Jallab for home-preparation. Soon a whole range of concentrated syrups and flower extracts followed. In the 1980/90s, the company expanded its product range to include a variety of liqueurs, fruit jams, fruit juices and smoothies. In 2005, true to the dream of Akram Kassatly and his degree in winemaking, the Chateau Ka winery bottled its first wines, surpassing expectations and meeting standards of excellence in wine-making in many European countries. All the while, the Beirut Beer project had been brewing in the background for a while, finally coming to life in 2014. In 2018, Kassatly Chtaura released due to market demand a non-alcoholic malt beverage, Mezza. The Brand offers 6 different flavors and is low-in-calories.

Centec and Kassatly Chtaura have maintained a close business relationship for many years. The contact person for Centec is Nayef Kassatly, the son of the company founder and shareholder in the company. For the brewery in Beirut, Centec supplied a flash pasteurizer back in 2009, which was integrated into a Krones filling line. In 2013 and 2016, Centec installed two column water deaeration systems.

Kassatly Chtaura will establish a completely new plant in Cyprus ("Boutique Beverages Bottling International"). We are pleased to announce that we have received an order to supply two reverse osmosis skids for this new plant. The systems are designed for a capacity of 35 m3/h each. They are CIP cleanable, have an inline UV system and one tank each for raw water and permeate. Water treatment plants are one of our key competences and have already been supplied by Centec to customers on all continents.

February 2021

Centec support the new Doemens building:

"Doemens 2020" is an ongoing construction project that will see Doemens Academy move in a future-oriented direction – starting with the construction of a new facility in Gräfelfing. For the new technology center, Centec is providing a craft column deaeration system on a loan basis. Also within the scope of this pioneering future project, Domens has ordered a MultiMixer with a capacity of 500 l/h for the production of soft drinks from Centec. We would like to express our sincere thanks for this. Doemens will thus continue to be able to share its unmatched expertise with students in the national and international beverage and food industries in the coming decades. We are pleased to be able to participate in this project.

September 2020

The origins of "Hofbauhaus Wolters" date back to the year 1627 when Zacharias Boiling, mayor and war captain of the city of Braunschweig, began brewing beer for his own use and for sale. This step marked the beginning of the traditional brewery. Today, Wolters, one of the most modern breweries in Germany, sells a variety of beer specialties within a radius of 70 kilometers around Braunschweig.

We are very pleased that Wolters has placed an order with us for a 20 hl/h DeAlcoTec plant and four new 600 hl pressure tanks. As an experienced specialist, Centec was able to prevail against all competitors. Centec has many years of expertise in the gentle dealcoholization of beer. We have a large number of national and international references for all plant sizes on the market.

Dealcoholization plants from Centec are based on countercurrent distillation. Process temperatures below 40°C protect the product and preserve its aroma. The aroma is further optimized by the aroma recovery system, which extracts volatile aroma substances from the dehydrated alcohol and doses them back into the dealcoholized product. The DeAlcoTec plant for Wolters is equipped with a CIP module and an integrated flash pasteurizer. Our scope of supply includes a double-walled ethanol tank with calibratable content measurement.

One of our strengths is a team of sales engineers and project managers with profound know-how in the customer-specific design of dealcoholization plants and in the implementation of complex dealcoholization projects.

As a "Siemens Solution Partner" we convince with our expertise and experience in PLC programming and automation – especially in the field of dealcoholization.

We offer our customers not only process systems and high-precision measurement technology from our own production. Centec also advises its customers in brewing technology to optimize the taste of non-alcoholic beer.

Research and development is of great importance to us. The further development of methodology and plant engineering for the dealcoholization of fermented beverages has been our special interest for many years. For this purpose, we cooperate with renowned institutes.

July 2020

Steam Boiler Water Degassing with OXYTRANS TR:

To generate steam, water is heated in a steam boiler. Oxygen contained in the water can lead to dangerous corrosion. The water must therefore be thermally degassed. The oxygen dissolves in the steam vapours and is blown off via a valve as so-called "Fegedampf" into the free environment. Consequently, there is a loss of steam of 0.2 to 0.5 % of the boiler steam output. With OXYTRANS TR, the degassed O2 content in the vapour phase can be measured in the dome head space of the steam boiler and the valve for venting the vapour flow can be precisely controlled. The remaining opening time of the valve is a measure of the steam savings. Steam losses can be reduced by up to 95 %. A boiler with a capacity of 10 t/h and an assumed steam loss of 0.3 % results in a steam loss of 263 t per year (365 days x 24 h = 8,760 h). Of this, 250 t can be saved. If the tonne of steam is set at 40 EUR, the saving amounts to 10.000 EUR with a sustainable "return of investment" of less than 6 months.

May 2020

Centec receive another order from the Russian brewery Darial. With the support of our local sales partner AquaAnalytics we were able to win the contract for a 200 hl/h additive dosing plant. The plant has 4 dosing lines and in-line sensors for measuring turbidity and pH.

This new additive dosing system complements the brewery's filter line, which already includes Centec process skids for water deaeration, blending, carbonation and flash pasteurization. We have maintained our business relationship with Darial for many years and we hope for further orders in the future from this faithful customer!

May 2020

Hansa Borg Bryggerier AS is the largest Norwegian owned brewery and beverage producer in Norway with around 300 employees. With the first order for Centec, we can gain another important reference in Norway and further expand our presence in Scandinavia.

Two process systems were ordered: A 90 hl/h cold water deaeration system (DeGaS-Cold) within a Centec 50 hl DAW buffer tank and a High Gravity Blending skid designed for up to 150 hl/h. For fully automatic process control, this plant is equipped with a BEER MONITOR from Centec. Our highly precise instrument determines the concentrations of alcohol, original gravity and extract based on the measurement of density and sound velocity in the product.

April 2020

Another reference in the wine and spirits industry in Scandinavia! Centec has commissioned a 30 m3/h CIP plant at the Finnish company Altia. This plant is used to clean 2 filling lines as well as a carbonator and a flash pasteurizer. With this order Centec was able to further expand the business relationship with the customer - after Altia had already received a flash pasteurizer skid from Centec in the past.

April 2020

Who wouldn't want a job from the "secret capital of beer"? We are pleased about the trust that a long-standing customer once again places in us.

Kulmbacher Brewery entrusts Centec with the manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning of a 50 hl/h dealcoholization plant (DeAlcoTec) and of two independent 300 hl/h water deaeration skids (DeGaS-Cold). The deaeration units achieve oxygen levels below 10 ppb. The dealcoholization plant will be used in the future to produce the Pils "Kulmbacher Alkoholfrei" and the wheat beer "Kapuziner Hefe Alkoholfrei Naturtrüb".

Both beers are subsequently gently dealcoholized. In this way, the Pils retains its finely tart, hop-aromatic bitterness and the wheat beer retains its subtle fruity and light banana aromas. "Kulmbacher Alkoholfrei" is one of the few non-alcoholic beers with a real 0.0 percent alcohol content – and that with a full pilsner taste and only 70 calories.

We would like to thank Kulmbacher Brewery for the pleasant cooperation during the planning phase and look forward to the joint implementation.

March 2020

"Excess alcohol" for disinfectants: As a result of the coronavirus COVID-19, the demand for disinfectants is currently increasing strongly. Due to the lack of alcohol, many disinfectant manufacturers are forced to interrupt or slow down their production. Dealcoholisation systems from Centec provide a remedy! Our DeAlcoTec plant supplies 80 % ethanol, from which disinfectants can be produced according to WHO recipes. Centec's special technology offers the brewery the possibility to produce valuable, industrially usable alcohol in addition to the alcohol-free product. 

January 2020

Centec offers a wide range of customized equipment for craft breweries. A column water deaeration from the "Craft Line" was ordered by Artmonster Brewery in South Korea. The plant is designed for 10 hl/h and is equipped with UV disinfection and in-line oxygen measurement.

November 2019

Another reference in Nepal: To Raj Brewery Centec has supplied a column water deaeration system with storage tank and a High Gravity Blending skid. The systems are equipped with sensors from Centec for highly precise process control. We thank the customer and our local Centec team in India for the order!

October 2019

With the active support of our Russian sales partner Aquaanalytics, Centec receive an order from Salyan Brewery in Azerbaijan. The scope of supply includes a column water deaeration system and a Carboblender. The skids are equipped with in-line sensors from Centec for highly accurate process control: With measuring instruments for oxygen and CO2 as well as a BEER MONITOR.

October 2019

In India, Centec has a strong subsidiary well established in the market. Centec RRR is also very active in Nepal. This enabled us to win an order from Yak Brewery: Hot water deaeration, High Gravity Blender, Carbonator and Flash Pasteurizer were recently commissioned by Centec. Abhishek Shrestha, Managing Director of the brewery, is looking forward to further cooperation.

September 2019

Another important reference for Centec in Thailand! Thai Spirit orders fully automated process plants for water deaeration and mixing of beverages. The water deaeration system is equipped with an OXYTRANS sensor from Centec. The mixing plant is equipped with a CARBOTEC sensor for controlling the CO2 content.

August 2019

German know-how and local production - Centec China's recipe for success. With Belize Brewing (BELIKIN) our Chinese subsidiary has won the first important reference in Central America. This project consists of process plants for water deaeration, wort cooling, wort aeration, yeast propagation and carbonation.

July 2019

Früh Kölsch has been existing for over 111 years. Centec receive an extensive order from the traditional brewery Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh. The scope of supply consists of column water deaeration, buffer tank as well as systems for colour beer dosing, cabonisation and carboblending.

Using 3D file exchange formats, our plants can be integrated into existing overall plant models of the brewery. In this way, a more detailed planning and inspection of installation sites and installation paths is possible. Pipeline planning, cable route planning and also accessibility for maintenance can be visualized very well and can be taken into account in further project planning. Centec cooperate with Eckert & Wellmann Anlagentechnik GmbH for the installation of the systems.

July 2019

For decades, Centec has maintained the business relationship with Birra Peroni in Italy. Three 400 hl/h column water deaeration systems have now been ordered. They will be used at three different Birra Peroni sites. Birra Peroni has been part of the Asahi Group since 2016.

June 2019

Centec sign a contract with Caspian Beverage Holding of Almaty, Kazakhstan, for the supply of a Carboblender and a sugar dosing skid. The plant is equipped with a CARBOTEC and a BEER MONITOR from Centec.

May 2019

Centec's Chinese subsidiary continues to expand. In recent weeks, Centec China has won several orders from local Craft breweries. Laotebahe Brewery and Kaltenberg Brewery will receive a water deaeration system and a Carboblender. Urbräu, China's largest craft brewery, has ordered a flash pasteurizer from us. Since 2016, they have been operating a Centec water deaeration system.

April 2019

The first Centec dealcoholization plant in Georgia! The customer is JSC Georgian Beer Company. Our technology is based on a highly efficient method for aroma recovery during the dealcoholization process. The specific benefit is extremely gentle processing at low temperature with a short retention time, thereby optimizing product defining aroma and flavour profiles.

March 2019

Guinness has long been one of our most loyal customers. For Guinness in Cameroon we can now manufacture two Carboblenders, two Beer Coolers and an Isohop dosage system.  The process skids are equipped with measuring instruments from Centec. The control system of the skids is integrated into the higher-level Scada system.  This is a turnkey project that Centec is carrying out with local partners. Cameroun is the world’s fifth largest Guinness market by volume and the second largest in Africa. Guinness Cameroun S.A. is an affiliate of Diageo, and has been operating in the country since 1967.

March 2019

Distelhäuser Brewery has ordered a very special water deaeration system from us. Designed to a ceiling height of just 5.5 meters, the system has a double column. It is equipped with a high-precision, optical oxygen sensor from Centec.

February 2019

With VANSAD as its local sales partner, Centec can further expand its presence in Canada. Process equipment for water deaeration and carboblending was ordered by the Brou Alliance in Laval, Québec. Brou-Alliance is Canada's leading manufacturer of malt-based alcoholic beverages and a division of Omni Group founded in Montréal in 1965.

January 2019

The Russian brewery Darial in Vladikavkaz is very pleased with our process systems and would like to further expand the cooperation in the future. To Darial, Centec supplied a hot water deaeration system and skids for blending, carbonation and flash pasteurization.

November 2018

Centec are awarded the contract for the design and manufacture of various skid-mounted process units from the Canadian company Brunswick Beerworks. The scope of supply includes systems for column water deaeration and flash pasteurization. Centec has significantly expanded their sales and service structure in North America in recent years, and enjoy an excellent reputation in the market. This was one of the reasons why the customer has chosen Centec.


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