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Meet us at the following exhibitions and events:

Siba BeerX, Liverpool, UK, 14.-15.03.2018

Achema, Frankfurt, Germany, 11.-15.06.2018

BrauBeviale, Nuremberg, Germany, 13.-15.11.2018

September 2017

Centec present a completely new booth concept at Drinktec in Munich.

November 2016

Centec present an aroma conserving 5 hl DeAlcoTec delacoholization system at BrauBeviale.

September 2016

Centec launch a new website.

August 2016

Centec finish manufacturing and qualification of a turn-key plant for the production, storage and distribution of PW and WFI. The system will be used by a large pharmaceutical company in North Africa.

February 2016

Centec provide one week of intensive product training to about 25 new sales partners from all parts of the world.

November 2015

Centec participate in BrauBeviale, further increasing the number of national and international visitors compared with the previous year.

October 2015

Centec establish a new subsidiary in China with a team of highly qualified process engineers.

September 2015

Centec appoint an experienced German brew master as General Manager of the subsidiary in the USA.

August 2015

Centec finish the commissioning of another complete brewery cold block, the fifth that has been supplied in the history of the company.

June 2015

Centec supply a DeAlcoTec high efficiency dealcoholization system to the America, the first supplied to this continent.

May 2015

Centec manufacture a 300 hl tank, the largest tank built to that date.

April 2014

Centec start manufacture their own tanks: CIP tanks, dosing tanks, deaerated water tanks, product buffer and storage tanks, as well as product preparation vessels for various industries.

November 2013

Centec enlarge their manufacturing facilities at the Horatev Technology Park, near to Prague; two large new assembly halls are established.


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