• Food & Beverage Industry

    The largest brewery groups in the world trust our technology. Centec equipment is used throughout the entire brewing process. For soft drinks, dairy and food industries we offer a large variety of customized process units. We have decades of experience in water treatment, carbonation, nitrogenation, liquid blending, flash pasteurization and cleaning-in-place (CIP).

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  • Pharmaceutical Industry

    A core business for Centec is customized systems for the production and distribution of high purity water and WFI for pharmaceutical and biotechnological plants in accordance with GMP and FDA guidelines. We are an experienced partner for pure steam generation, CIP- and SIP-processes as well as for services related to product preparation.

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  • Chemical Industry

    Based on extensive know-how, we are a specialist for high precision density measurement of liquids and skids for exact dosing – even of smallest quantities. For media supply we offer water purification systems and pure steam generators. CIP- and SIP-units made by Centec are widely used in chemical industries.

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  • Energy Industry

    From conventional power plants to solar energy and biofuel – there is a broad range of applications for our tailor-made process units. We are a leading supplier of water purification and water deaeration technologies in various areas. Our inline and mobile devices for oxygen measurement set standards with respect to design and accuracy.

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Customized process plants and high precision measurement devices from a single source.
Truly unique. Centec.